Okay today were on a hunt for other Yola site's.  Were going to rate it on a scale from 1 to 5 and type up a review please read these reviews and visit the sites leave us an email and tell us what you think.  If one of these is your sites and you did not get a good review change it up add glammer and gloss and we will review it again remember only yola site's.
Well here they are!   :) :) :)

1. pokeworldlulu.yolasite.com  Not the greates site id rate it a 2 how bout you pop well not enemy not friend id give it a two
What about you pink? well its a lame site to me id rather sit in a cargo stalk than be there i give it a not so rocken well a 0 :(

2 pacman.yolasite.com  I kinda like going there it is fun rather no blogs so not the greatest id say 5 1/2 Pop well i like it so im gonna give it a 6 pink what about you? Well pop its a rockin cool site id give it a daring 7 ya well rock on peeps keep it popin

Peep here well to bad it had to end now Well stay tuned and hear about the next sites we visit you may get lucky enought for it to be your site if it was your site here change it up and we may review it again! Please no hard feeling on this please fans dont stop likeing us just because of a review well bye from Peep Pop And Pink

                                       - Peep and Pop :) :)